Friday, April 15, 2011

I hate blogs, yet I am starting one

That would be ironic, except it isn't.

The truth is, I love the blog concept, but hate most blogs. There are two kinds of blogs that I find particularly distasteful:

1. Blogs that amount to little more than attention whores trying to make a name for themselves..

2. Blogs that often contain great information, but are owned by persons so interested in proving their own intellect that they cant order Chinese take out without using 7200 words.

To that end, I join the fray with a blog of a different sort. To wit, I will offer quick glimpses of those current news items and community issues I feel merit discussion. I will offer strong opinion, and I don't much care if you worship me for it or throw things at your screen. And I will be limiting all entries to 250 words or less, so I wont waste your time. My thoughts on this are simple.

First, I am quite capable of calling an idiot an idiot without resorting to vile vitriol, so why rant? Next, I believe information is best digested in short bursts. And really, this is a blog, it contains my views and opinions, even if you agree with them you don't want to waste forty five minutes of your life on each post.

So now that I have offended a majority of the bloggers out there, and likely half of my potential viewers, shall we get started?

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