Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Proud for Pride?

Yes, it is getting to be that time of year, Pride is upon us. Events are starting to pop up on Calenders and the trans-radical community is abuzz with indigent arguments against going. I could run a point by point here, maybe even paste some Facebook screen shots. But, this is the 250 word or less blog, so not happening. If you wish to see flaming rants, I suspect you know where to look.

However, the overwhelming theme against seems to have something to do with Gay Inc. casting us all aside. And yes, I get the history, I know there are some real issues in the past, and no doubt some now. But, it occurs to me that a person refusing to show up has no grounds to bitch about not being welcome. (Pardon me for being a bit grumpy, I am still a touch sunburned from Phoenix Pride last weekend.)

The trans community should be at Pride. In fact, we should be everywhere, every event, every time. Has the LGB cast us aside? I can't argue that in 250 words, and wont entirely argue against it anyways. But, assuming it is 100% true, then what better reason to show up in large numbers and claim what is as much ours as anyone's? As a dear friend of mine likes to say
"annoying and underfoot gets the job done."

Hmmm...Could we not apply that to lots of things beyond Pride? Maybe on a larger level? Just a thought.

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